Amelia "Amy" Rossana l'Arishane


Amelia stands at about 5’8" with a build fit for combat, but betrayingly slender. Her long blonde hair is often tied back behind her at her neckline, and her turquoise eyes are almost always encircled in black, either due to mascara (sp?) she wears, or from the soot of battle or work.

-Out of Character Information-
Lv. 2 Human Paladin (Medium Humanoid [Human]
Current Equipment: Long Sword & Shield w/ Scale Mail
-End of Out of Character Information-


Amelia (formerly called “Amy” until she lost her sense of humor) Rossana l’Arishane (ne’e Kestwick) is a noblewoman from Silvercastle. She has an urge for adventure which began at a young age, but was quelled by the realization that the place of a woman in her position was not in such fields, and she resolved herself to maintaining a position to which she could observe the events of her kingdom. At a formal dinner in honor of the newly appointed Knight of Arkashia, Sir Jonathan William l’Arishane, she met the man of the hour. Initially she found him to be too casual and crass to be suitable for the position, but she did not voice such an opinion. As these things often went, Jonathan (called “Jack”) became infatuated with Amelia, leading him to become her suitor. After much harassment, she finally agreed to get to know him, and found that she had become smitten with his ability to maintain an honorable nature while not betraying his own comfort with himself. It was not long after that they were married.

After Jack’s death in battle, Amelia became somewhat broken, remaining enclosed with her servants. After some time, however, she would remember the days in which Jack would sneak her off to learn the arts of the sword, and how to incorporate prayer into one’s physical prowess. She resolved that she would avenge her lover’s death any way she could, though, as a woman, she was not able to join the Arkashian ranks. However, on a visit to Jack’s father, she encountered a situation that would change her circumstances quite drastically…

Amelia "Amy" Rossana l'Arishane

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